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David R. Lamb has enjoyed a lively and varied practice of landscape architectural design for over 30 years. He has designed a vast array of projects ranging from a London townhouse garden to Australian outback station gardens, with university plazas and church grounds in between.

David was born and raised in Oyster Bay, Long Island, attended Browning School in NYC for his middle and upper school years. During that time, he spent many summers in Wiscasset, Maine and New Hampshire, roaming the woods and water ways, discovering the natural world in a most intimate way.  


Mr. Lamb then emigrated to Western Australia at 19 where he discovered his love for landscape architecture.


After establishing a landscape design and construction company in Perth Australia for three years, he returned to New York and entered the program at Parsons School of Design for Environmental Design. He then proceeded to the University of Pennsylvania for his masters in Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning. The department at the time was under the chairmanship of Ian McHarg, an influential leader in the new school of land development that is responsive to the ecological conditions of the site.


David completed a 10 year apprenticeship with the firm of Innocenti and Webel. Mr. Richard Webel senior was a well-established landscape architect for the 30’s and had developed an established firm specializing in residential landscape design decidedly in the Beaux Art School of Design. The designs that David worked on were ones based on European and American formal landscape design.


Since 2000, Mr. Lamb has been in self practice and continues to work on mostly residential projects on Long Island. The ongoing  challenge is to design landscapes that fully meet the clients’ needs through artful design solutions, while also pursuing a respectful approach of the environmental and ecological conditions.  A successful new landscape will invite not only the human inhabitants into the landscape, but also the native wildlife which we should naturally and happily cohabitate with.

David is married to Daria Pace Lamb, an executive director for the Institute of the Future in Palo Alto, California.  They have two children, Lucy Lamb and William Lamb, both students in college. When not working, he loves to garden, travel and dabble in the culinary arts.

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