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General Project Scope


-Most projects start at a minimum of $350k and take between 6 months to 5 years to complete, depending on the complexity.

-Our primary project areas are typically the North Shore of Long Island, the Hamptons, and the North Fork of Long Island, however we are open to areas outside of these parameters.

Description of Services


Master Planning: 

~Program development.


~Site analysis.

~Zoning constraints.

~Ecological analysis.

~Concept graphics in the form of plans and illustrations.

~Ballpark cost estimate.

Design Development:

~Plans sections and details of all built elements.

~Material selection and sampling.

~Plant and Lighting design.

~Assistance on the selection, purchase, and delivery of ornamental garden pieces, plant material, and water works.


~Development of bid packages and distribution to contractors.

~Assessment of bids and awarding the contracts.

~Management of contractor invoices.



~Obtaining building permits.

~Village review of project for variance and approval.

~Ensuring compliance with permitted drawings.

~Obtaining Certificate of Occupancy. 


~Periodic site visits to ensure the compliance with the construction documents.

~Coordination between trades involved with installation.



~Provide a month to month maintenance schedule for the management of trees, shrubs, grass, meadows, perennial borders, soil health and water



~Provide instruction in Spanish and English on the pruning of shrubs. This is graphically illustrated using vignettes of the planting plan and submitted in a book form. 

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