"You can be ecological and you can also make art. There's no real one or the other. " 
Martha Schwartz
  •  A Master Plan that will bring together all the clients’ needs as well as expressing the quality and nature of new environment

  • Develop a cost estimate for all the construction components

  • The development of Construction Documentation for the building and permitting of the work

  • The processing of obtaining a building permit, C. of O. or variance from the municipality

  • Project oversite during the construction and installation 

  • The interpretation of the legal code designated to the site

  • Site analysis to determine the opportunities and constraints of the physical site based on a survey of the ecological and topographical conditions

  • A survey of the clients’ needs and program use of the site

  • A preliminary interpretation of the expressed needs of the client showing comparable existing site design solutions

David R. Lamb, ASLA Landscape Architecture

Residential Landscape Architecture, Site Planning, Environmental Consultant, Environmental remediation


David R. Lamb, ASLA has been practicing Landscape Architecture for over 30 years with commissions in foreign countries as well as on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.


Grounded in the Beaux Art tradition of environmental design, the firm infuses a sense of architectural order in the design process while respecting the ecological, cultural and environmental context that the project is in.


The Beaux Art School of Design has always been a means of satisfying the need for spaces to honour the human inhabitants by way of an orderly logical landscape design.


However, as we become increasingly aware of how human habitation has degraded the natural environment [through the degradation of habitats and ecosystems], it becomes increasingly important to always ensure that the final design of a new landscape honours not only the human inhabitants but also the existing wildlife community that was there before we, as a species, arrived.

Services that this firm provides are: